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Key data
Our values – Our goals
Milestones - 10 years of Deutsche EuroShop
Foreword by the Executive Board
Report of the Supervisory Board
Consumption in 2011 – optimists back Germany
What I bought in 2010
10 commandments of shopping
10 shopping apps
10 books about shopping
Our portfolio
An overview
Aktivities in the centers
Investors are looking for "green" centers
Center News
A10 Center, Wildau
Altmarkt-Galerie, Dresden
Main-Taunus-Zentrum, Sulzbach
Billstedt-Center, Hamburg
Shopping centers – the right keys to success
The centers
A10 Center, Wildau / Berlin
Main-Taunus-Zentrum, Sulzbach / Frankfurt
Altmarkt-Galerie, Dresden
Rhein-Neckar-Zentrum, Viernheim
Billstedt-Center, Hamburg
Phoenix-Center, Hamburg
Forum, Wetzlar
Allee-Center, Hamm
City-Galerie, Wolfsburg
Rathaus-Center, Dessau
City-Arkaden, Wuppertal
City-Point, Kassel
Stadt-Galerie, Passau
Stadt-Galerie, Hameln
Galeria BaLtycka, Danzig, Poland
City Arkaden, Klagenfurt, Austria
Árkád, Pécs, Hungary
Galeria Dominikanska, Breslau, Poland
Investor Relations
The shopping center share
Our first 10 years on the stock market
Conferences and roadshows 2010
10 reasons to invest in Deutsche Euroshop shares
Look who’s tweeting!
IR-events 2010
Anniversary celebration: ten years of Deutsche Euroshop
Corporate Governance 2010
Working methods of the Executive and Supervisory Boards
Composition and diversity
Executive Board
Supervisory Board
Directors’ Dealings
Relationships with shareholders
Accounting and audits
Declaration of conformity
Group Management Report
Business and economic conditions
Operating activities
Group’s legal structure
Governance and supervision
Declaration on corporate governance
Overview of the course of business
Macroeconomic conditions
Economic conditions in the industry
Results of operations, financial position and net assets
Results of operations
Financial position
Net assets
Reports not included
Report on events after the balance sheet date
Risks and opportunities management, internal control system
Key features
Financial statement preparation process
Advice on limitations
Presentation of material individual risks
Evaluation of the overall risk position
Financial Statements
Consolidated balance sheet
Consolidated income statement
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income
Consolidated cash flow statement
Consolidated statement of changes in equity
Basis of consolidation and consolidation methods
Basis of consolidation
Consolidation methods
Currency translation
Changes in accounting policies
Significant accounting policies
Revenue and expense recognition
Intangible assets
Property, plant and equipment
Investment properties
Lease agreements
Financial instruments
1. Derivative financial instruments
2. Non-current financial assets
3. Investments in equity-accounted associates
4. Receivables and other current assets
5. Other financial investments
6. Right to redeem of limited partners
7. Bank loans and overdrafts
8. Trade payables
9. Other liabilities
10. Cash and cash equivalents
Deferred taxes
Other provisions
Notes to the consolidated balance sheet – assets
1. Intangible assets
2. Property, plant and equipment
3. Investment properties
4. Non-current financial assets
5. Investments inequity-accounted associates
6. Other non-current assets
7. Trade receivables
8. Other current assets
Maturity of trade receivables and other assets
9. Other financial investments
10. Cash and cash equivalents
Notes to the consolidated balance sheet – liabilities
11. Equity and reserves
12. Bank loans and overdrafts
13. Deferred tax liabilities
14. Right to redeem of limited partners
15. Trade payables
16. Tax provisions
17. Other provisions
18. Other current liabilities
19. Other non-current liabilities
Notes to the consolidated income statement
20. Revenue
21. Property operating costs
22. Property management costs
23. Other operating income
24. Other operating expenses
25. Income from investments
26. Income from equity-accounted associates
27. Profit / loss attributable to limited partners
28. Measurement gains / losses
29. Income tax expense
Tax reconciliation
General disclosures
30. Notes to the consolidated cash flow statement
Notes to the consolidated cash flow statement
Composition of cash and cash equivalents
Operating cash flow
Cash flow from operating activities
Cash flow from investing activities
Cash flow from financing activities
Currency-related and other changes
Cash flow per share
Segment reporting
Breakdown by geographical segment
Other disclosures
31. Financial instruments and risk management
Risk management
Market risks
32. Joint Ventures and equity-accounted associates
33. Earnings per share
Other financial obligations
Other disclosures
Events after the balance sheet date
Supervisory board and executive board
Supervisory Board
Executive Board
Corporate governance
Related parties for the purposes of IAS 24
Other disclosures
Responsibility statement by the executive board
Auditor’s report
Readers’ letters
Financial calendar 2011


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